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at 9:00 and a number two tomorrow morning on c-span-3. next up, hearing looking and syria. over 5000 people have died in syria, including 300 children, as protests and violent clashes continued. the united nations human rights council says syria should be investigated by the international criminal court. >> the subcommittee will come to order. as has been well documented, the human rights being -- human rights violations being perpetrated in damascus are horrifying. we have documented some of the rest of calling him widespread human rights abuses witnessed in -- some of the of the most appalling and widespread human rights abuses witnessed in the past decade. abuse, murder, sexual violence, torture, and the abuse and murder of children. witnesses report the torture, abuse and rape of children no more than 15. one military defector stated that he decided to defect after witnessing the shooting of a 2- year-old girl by an officer who affirmed that he did not want her to grow into a demonstrator. the english language does not have words strong enough to adequately condemn the horrifying
with the ap. >> thank you, mr. president, and mr. prime minister. in syria, you call for president assad to step down for the killing of its people, but prime minister maliki has warned that it could lead to a civil war that could destabilize the whole region. i wonder if you think that iraq is succumbing to iran's influence on this matter. speaking of iran, do you think it will weaken american national's pretty by discovering intelligence from the -- national security by discovering intelligence from tehe drone it has captured? prime minister, why have you not call for assad to step down for the slaughter of his people. >> the prime minister and i have discussed syria, and we should be that when this year in people being killed and are unable to express themselves, that is a problem. there is no disagreement there. i have expressed my outrage in how the syrian regime has been operating. i do believe that president assad missed an opportunity to reform his government, it chose the path of repression, and has continued to engage in repressive tactics. his capacity to regain legitimacy ins
of the international community, the nation's are joining the call for syria to stop this atrocious behavior. >> the president will stay in town to sign the omnibus but he said it is up to the speaker to make the next move. what is the president's next move? will he join his family in a y.a.? >> i do not have any scheduling updates. we are in a fluid situation. the president made clear in his call earlier today as i made clear in the readout. the action that must be taken, the house needs to take up the senate bill. it was supported by an overwhelming percentage of republicans and democrats. >> he has no intention of negotiating? >> the negotiation has happened already. it is not as i just explained. it is not at all the case that this is the president saying here is what what what and do it. this was a compromise worked out by the republican leader in the senate with the democratic leader, with the approval, even the instigation of the speaker of the house. quex the president has won this battle politically, " the the washington post said. the economy -- most economists are saying will suff
. >> there were reports of five iranian engineers captured in syria working on a power plant. with the statement that he shared earlier today, you said you are condemning items of the syrian regime and calling for them to band against the regime. have you been speaking to your allies in the region to take stronger action against syria? especially with the iranians now in the country, it seems like things are wrapping up there. -- ramping up there. >> i would say with regard to syria, we have ratcheted up pressure on syria. you have seen the united states working with our partners, working with our allies, participating in an effort that has increased international isolation of syria. the steps we have taken have been pa pa all in one direction, if you will, which is to put pressure on syria, to make sure has lost control of his regime, to call on him to cease the violence and to begin a democratic transition in that country. we will continue to take the steps to pressure the regime to stop the crackdown. as we have seen by the reporting and by the international condemnation of what is happening
by some dark ones. a discredited regime is still violently clinging to power in syria. though the pressure against it is increasing dramatically each day. i want to condemn in the strongest possible termsthe assad regime's murder and torture of children that the un reported this week in geneva. conduct has deservedly brought scorn and pressure and punishing sanctions, not just by the united states and europe, but now by the arab league and turkey as well. continuedn,iran's drive to develop nuclear capabilities including troubling enrichment activities and past work on what the position that has now been documented by the iaea and its continued support to groups like hezbollah, hamas, and other terrorist organizations make clear that the regime in tehran remains a very grave threat for all of us. all this of people, all of this of people -- of people -- upheavel is causing new challenges for israel in the region very in this time of understandable anxiety, i would like to underscore one thing -- that has stayed constant over the past three years of this administration -- the determination o
is focused on what's going on in syria and prior to that libya and egypt and so on. has this been a good thing for the palestinian cause or has it created expectations that cannot be met and so forth? can you talk about that? >> our situation is different compared to the arab countries. first of all, we are still technically effectively under israeli military occupation. we cannot brag we have a government, we have a regime so that our leaders will fight until death to stay in power. i mean, we don't have that power to fight over it. and therefore our struggle is with the israeli occupation. we don't have an internal -- i mean, internally the palestinian people are focused on ending the israeli military occupation because this is our main objective. having said that, we said really that we were always on the side of the people. and whatever arab people choose in terms of their future regimes, future governments, we are in support of the arab masses because we, the palestinians, started popular uprising against israel in 1987, in 2000 and the arab people looked up at us in order to be ins
that supports free speech. we all know what happens when citizens challenge their government in syria, iran, and libya and other repressive countries. the prime minister clearly laid out his concerns for the middle east, support for a two-state solution, and a clear and unequivocal message against iran's nuclear weapons development, and following his speech the joint session of congress gave the prime minister a closing standing ovation. now, recently new york sometimes columnist, thomas friedman, commented on congress' response to the prime minister. he said, and i quote, i sure hope that israel's prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, understands that the standing ovation he got in congress this year was not for his politics. that standing ovation was bought and paid for by the israel lobby. now, madam speaker, i don't know if mr. friedman was in the chamber at the time and i do know know if he interviewed members of congress following the prime minister's speech. i certainly know he did not speak with me nor many of my colleagues, before he came to this wrong conclusion. so for the record i
and others because israel had serious disagreements with russia over russian militant support of syria, iran, hamas. and lieberman came to moscow to try to persuade russia to change seriously question positions of all of these issues of great importance to israel. lieberman made a calculation that as he was negotiating with russia on matters of great importance to israel, that would not be the best time for him to criticize russian government domestic policies. during last 20 years, we came to a very different conclusion. we came to a conclusion at the end of the cold war, we should tell how everybody -- how they can conduct their affairs and we can do it without negative impact on u.s. interests and u.s. ability to do things that are very important to us, like russian support of iran, like continued supplies across russia. afghanistan could really does affect american security and lives. whether it we should be able to have our cake and eat it too, it is very difficult to make a decision. but they do believe -- when american interests and values are in conflict, and it also believe that doi
persons who transfer to iran, north korea, and syria certain goods, services or technology and for other purposes. the speaker pro tempore: the question is will the house suspend the rules and pass the bill as amended. members will record their votes by electronic device. this will be a five-minute vote. [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the speaker pro tempore: on this vote the yeas are 415, the nays are two. 2/3 of those voting having responded in the affirmative, the rules are -- the speaker pro tempore: on this vote the yeas are 416, the nays are two. 2/3 -- the speaker pro tempore: on this vote the yeas are 417, the nays are two. 2/3 of those voting having responded in the affirmative -- the rules are suspended -- the speaker pro tempore: the yeas are 418 and the nays are 2. the bill is pas
there are plans right now to spread into syria and how soon can we start bombing iran? that is very precarious. so we now have a system where our personal liberties are not being protected and there could be problems in the street. we have had some indication that people are speaking out and they have every right to and they should, whether it is the tea party movement are the occupy movement. they're desperate because they are dissatisfied with the government and they're looking for answers. but we have to work our way out of this and respect to the honor and rule of law and respect individuals and protect everybody, not just certain people from all of these crimes. [applause] i talked a lot about the war's going on overseas. i did my best to try to stop them. i remember the first speech to give on the house floor about trying to stop something in iraq. it did not happen in 2001 or 2000. it happened in 1998. that is when they passed a bill that it is now our policy to have regime change in iraq and it would lead to war. we know what they're trying to do and we have to work our way out of it. that
of nations are joining the call for syria to stop this atrocious behavior. >> clearly the president will state in town to sign, but said it is up to the speaker to make the next move. what is the president's next move? will he join his family in hawaii? >> i do not have any updates to give you. he made clear in his call to the speaker earlier today that that action that must be taken is the house needs to take up the senate bill that was supported by an overwhelming support of senate the democrats and pass it to make sure taxes do not go up. the negotiating has happened already. as i just explained, it is not at all the case that this is simply the president saying here is what i want and do it. this is a compromise worked out by the republican leader in the senate with the democratic leader in the senate, with the approval and instigation of the leader of the house. >> "the wall street journal" opines that the president has won this battle. if the payroll tax cut is not extended, the economy most economists able supper. how concerned is the white house that it does not get extended
with libya. plans are being made to go into syria. they did not ask for designation there. congress should act on their own responsibilities. >> this is julio. >> i am here in chicago. always great to speak with you. i studied broadcasting in college, just to see the lack of a journalistic integrity from small-time logbloggers. chris wallace of fox news saying if ron paul were to win the iowa caucus -- i hope people truly do their own research. turn off the tv and do their own research on candidates. it is clear by the way they have been attacking you, congressman paul, there's no journalistic integrity through the media. in terms of the economic war -- i'm 22 years old and investing in silver. i did research on john f. kennedy's executive order and when you talk about going back to the gold standard -- but the price of gold per ounce. silver, $30 an ounce. how can we get our currency back to where was? >> you cannot too quickly and less people change their minds about what the role of government should be. you can use gold and silver as legal tender. you cannot police the world. we cannot
that with the connection that tehran has with damascus in syria and support for hamas and hezbollah, and i say that we have a very lethal combination of elements that are playing out here. as for me, i say the leadership in iran has already decided to go nuclear. a think they have looked at the world. they have looked at north korea. they have said they are a nuclear power. they are really out of reach for most people. and they look at libya, which had a program that they gave up in exchange for international friendships and alliances. look at what happened there. i think tehran as saying we want the leverage and the stature that be a nuclear power will bring. so we have to ask ourselves a simple question. can you live with a nuclear iran? if the answer is yes, then you have to live with the dramatic proliferation implications, including saudi arabia, turkey, egypt, although we do not know what the leadership structure will look like there anytime soon, but it does look like the strong backbone of the egyptian military will go nuclear. at that point, you have lost control. that is an unsustainable position
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